Since the establishment of Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park, the Board of Directors of the Industrial Park has always created all favorable conditions for investors as well as creating a beautiful green landscape and environment in the Industrial Park. Understanding the requirements of Enterprises operating in the Industrial Park, Vinh Loc 2 Industrial Park established General Service Department - a specialized department in charge of the following tasks:


Linking with VNPT Business Center - Long An, establish a modern post and telecommunications network, complete, capable of synchronously connecting to national and international telecommunications networks, communication systems, high speed internet connection.


Maintenance and repair of warehouses, production workshops, working houses, roads, storm water drains, wastewater, industrial cleaning of storm water drains, wastewater at the request of customers.

Design, construction, repair and maintenance of the constructions, industrial electricity, civil electricity, refrigeration, cold systems, cooling systems, ventilation, inspection of safety equipment such as: lightning protection equipments, earthing, workshop lighting systems…


Ensuring the beauty and hygiene, taking care of ornamental plants around the working area of the Enterprise.

Buying, selling, exchanging crops, shaping according to shape, orchids, ornamental flowers, bonsai, planting and taking care of trees, grass, grafting, fertilizers, spraying equipment for watering plants, grass, plant protection products, nourish plants with bioproducts.

Design and build small parks, nurseries, create landscapes according to customers' requirements

Buying, selling, trading fertilizers, plant protection products, microbial products, equipments in the fields of: spray watering plants, taking care of plants, planting trees...

Buying, selling ornamental plants, bonsai, seedlings, seeds, flowers...

Taking care of plants, hybrid, grafting, bonsai, potted plants, ornamental houses...