Agricultural, forestry, aquatic and seafood processing industry; food; food (except monosodium glutamate production industry); animal feed, poultry, aquatic products, beverages, soft drinks (except alcohol production industry).

Production of fertilizers and plant protection drugs; medicine; pharmaceutical materials, cosmetic chemicals, paints; biofuels, coal; plastic (construction plastic, industrial plastic, civil plastic); rubber tires and tubes of all kinds using raw materials from genuine rubber, plastics and plastic products.

Manufacturing industry of building materials, interior decoration, prefabricated house components, roofing sheets, cover sheets; wood processing and wood products (without bleaching), plywood, household furniture, handicrafts, ceramics, glass, crystal, glass, ceramic tiles, light bulbs; soundproofing, insulating, heat-insulating materials, composites.

Industry of manufacturing and assembling machinery, equipment, electrical components and accessories (electrical machinery, electrical industry, household electricity), electronics, informatics, information technology, telecommunications; electrical materials, telecommunications cables, information technology products.

Mechanical technology for manufacturing machinery, equipment and spare parts for agriculture, forestry, fishery, industry, and transportation; exact mechanics; manufacturing and assembling bicycles, motorbikes, cars, other means of transport and equipment and spare parts; mold processing; metal scissors; manufactures metal products, alloys, medical equipment and instruments, laboratories, labor protection, fire protection.

Manufacturing industry of consumer goods - household goods: weaving, embroidery, knitting, garment, suitcase, bag; footwear; packaging; printing, printing, paper and paper products (except for the pulp paper industry), office and school equipment and tools; Sports Instruments; children toy; jewelry and gemstone processing..

Other fields: Trade - services (banking, post office, telecommunications, logistics), factories, warehouses, industries that cause less environmental pollution.