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Time: 26/07/2022
TTO - Since the beginning of the year, Long An province has had 4 more industrial parks approved by the Government for investment policies and expanding the industrial clean land fund to attract investment.
The clean land fund in industrial parks is continuously expanding to attract many large projects to invest in Long An province
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Thanh - head of the Management Board of Long An Economic Zone - said that these 4 industrial parks are more than 1,770ha, raising the total area of industrial land approved for investment policies or granted investment certificates of the province to more than 10,170ha.
"One of the advantages of Long An is that provincial leaders are very interested in caring for and accompanying investors. For investors who have large and reputable capital, Long An issues an investment certificate on the same day when receiving sufficient documents in accordance with regulations. Since the 19-Covid epidemic, more than a dozen investors have been issued certificates during the day, creating more images of friendly environment in Long An's business of attracting investment."
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Thanh
The project "hundred million dollars", "trillion" landed in industrial parks
Since the beginning of the year alone, more than 110ha of land in industrial parks has been received for investment, increasing the total area of industrial leasing land in Long An to more than 2,610ha. At the same time, the amount of capital for industrial parks, attracted by this province in the first 6 months of 2022, increased quite impressively.

"Industrial parks have attracted 58 new projects. In which, the newly granted FDI investment capital increased more than 342 million USD, equivalent to rise by 30.98% compared with the capital in the same period in 202. Furthermore, the total domestic investment capital at the new level increased more than 11,580 billion VND equivalent to rise by 91.68%", Mr. Thanh added.

In particular, among the projects selected for planning from the beginning of the year to now, there are many highlight "hundred million dollars", "trillions" projects. As in June, the province held the ground-breaking ceremony of the Thai Tuan High-tech Complex project with a total investment of more than VND 20,000 billion.

However, the fact that there are many new industrial parks approved for investment policies, the increase in the area to create industrial land fund is also accompanied by the consequence that the occupancy rate of industrial parks is low.

"Currently, if only 18 industrial parks are in operation in Long An, the occupancy rate will be 85.65%. Should there are 23 industrial parks which are eligible to receive secondary investors, the occupancy rate will be 62.24%, but for all 32 industrial parks that have been approved for investment policies or granted investment certificates, this ratio will be only 40.39%.
In return, a really large benefit is that Long An's industrial parks are preparing to create an industrial clean land fund with an area of over 3,000ha. Increasing suppliers contributes to reduce rental prices for the secondary investors to have more choices", Mr. Liquidation explained.
Many solutions to confront the "challenge of raising capital"

Just accelerated the creation of an industrial clean land fund to increase investment attraction, Mr. Thanh said that industrial parks should towards the Economic Zone Management Board to advise provincial leaders and actively coordinate with departments, branches and localities where locate industrial parks to well implement the work of site clearance compensation.
At the same time, promoting industrial park owners to quickly deploy infrastructure investment to attract large investors, and taking full advantage of Long An province, which is next to Ho Chi Minh City as well as a key economic zone for industrial development.
"We regularly verify industrial parks which  slowly deploy according to investment certificates to advise the province to handle them immediately. In addition, proposing plans to build resettlement areas in advance, actively coordinating with infrastructure companies and localities to promote site clearance to create an industrial clean land fund, and proposing to accelerate in the project of developing social housing for workers to attract, retain workers as well as increase the attractiveness of industrial land in Long An", Mr. Thanh added.