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Time: 20/12/2021
Clean, environmentally friendly industry is a new trend of the manufacturing industry in general. Enterprises in these industries currently have a great demand for renting ready-built factories for production and business to meet the increasing demand of the market. In particular, high-rise factories are emerging as a top choice, especially in the post-period of COVID-19.
Why is the high-rise factory to be born?
In the context of business still facing many difficulties, the effective use of investment capital is a factor that the highest decision-makers of enterprises put first. The quality of the factory where products and goods are produced must be commensurate with the initial investment capital of the enterprise. In addition, in the face of the scarcity of industrial land due to the increasing demand of the market and the tendency to shift production to Vietnam, the cost of building low-rise factories or ground-floor factories will be higher than other prefabricated workshops models. It is these reasons that have led to the emergence of the high-rise factory model.

What are the benefits of renting a high-rise factory compared to a low-rise factory?
1. Saving investment rate and operating cost
 The high-rise factory provides a variety of workshop spaces with diverse areas.
In addition, the high-rise factory with the characteristics of fully equipped facilities and separate office space for businesses in need, without having to spend a lot of initial investment costs, has helped bring Operating costs are no longer a burden for businesses, especially small and medium enterprises.
2. Save time in production preparationSave time in production preparatio
 High-rise factory is the only factory model on the market nowadays that is well-invested with necessary utilities for investors from the very beginning with fire protection system, security camera, securityguard 24/7, along with other functional areas such as office space, loading area, spacious and comfortable cargo corridor. These are utilities that not all low-rise factories are available.
 For businesses in the clean industry, such as laboratories, packaging, light industries, high-tech auxiliary industries, investors will not need to install additional equipment, just need to transport the machines in and the production can be carried out, help for significantly saving time to prepare the factory, reducing investment rates, contributing to increasing business efficiency.
3. Fully equipped with facilities and modern equipment, ensuring security and safety, and thoughtful support services
Vinh Loc is one of the pioneer industrial parks to invest in building high-rise factories in Long An and the southern area of Ho Chi Minh City. High-rise factory in Vinh Loc Industrial Park, providing ready-built factories to the market, fully equipped with utilities to meet the diverse needs of the small-area factory market:
  • Stable power supply and clean water supply system to each workshop
  • Automatic fire protection system, with sprinkler, fire alarm, smoke extraction is maintained monthly
  • Three-layer security guard on duty 24/7, from the entrance to the factory area of each floor
  • Spacious elevator for employees, 2.5-ton cargo lift to ensure the transportation of large machinery and goods
  • Loading area with 10m wide entrance to ensure two-way traffic
  • The corridor is open and airy, and the functional areas are arranged reasonably, ensuring convenience for the production process
  • There is a private parking area, ensuring security
  • Telecommunications infrastructure, broadband is connected to the entire building
  • A multilingual support service ecosystem, throughout from the stage of surveying, preparing for investment, completing legal procedures to putting into production
All these factors will ensure the efficiency of production and business of the Enterprise, especially in the clean industry when renting a factory in a high-rise factory - located right inside Vinh Loc Industrial Park.